Sweet Maxi Tealight Variety 4 pack

Sweet Maxi Tealight Variety 4 pack

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Our 4 pack of Maxi Tealights are perfect for those who can’t decide which scent to get or want to try before committing to our signature candles.

Jaime Rose Candle Co. Maxi Tealights are lovingly hand poured using 100% natural soy wax.  

Each pack comes with 4 sweet scented soy maxi tealights.


1 x Turkish Mocha

1 x Red Velvet Cupcake

1 x Fairy Floss

1 x Vanilla Bean

Burn time of approximately 10 hours per maxi tealight



Some frosting and discolouration due to being ex-market stock and sunlight discolouring the wax. This yellowing of the wax will not affect the use of the tealights. Sale is final and can not be returned or refunded.


Never burn without the cup. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Never burn on or near flammable, heat sensitive or porous surfaces. Never move while burning. Keep away from external heat sources. Keep wax pool free of foreign matter and wick debris. Keep out of draughts. Use only a candle snuffer or wick dipper to extinguish. Keep out of reach of Children and Pets.