Lychee + Black Tea Melts
Lychee + Black Tea Melts

Lychee + Black Tea Melts

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When it’s time to unwind after a long day, let your mind wander through those summer nights with our Lychee + Black Tea fragrance. The delicate aroma of robust black tea leaves is infused with a splash of sweet, tart exotic lychee fruit.

The Jaime Rose Candle Co. melts collection are the perfect substitute for those that love oil burners or wax warmers but still want that intense aroma that candles deliver.

Each pack comes with 6 soy wax melts

Burn time of approximately 8 hours per cube


Simply break off one or two cubes, depending on the size of your oil burner, light your tealight candle and enjoy. Or you can use an electric warmer for a flame-free convenient alternative. Your wax melt is ready to change when your fragrance has faded.