We offer a candle refill service to anyone that lives in Perth, WA.

Whenever you purchase a Jaime Rose Candle you can have it refilled with a new scent or your favourite.

Simply return your empty candle jar to us - in good, undamaged condition - and we will refill it for you at a discounted price!

Not only does this save you some money, it also helps the environment by reducing waste, recycling and reusing your existing Jaime Rose candle jars.


Candle jars can be prepped with the following instructions: 

Fill your candle jar with hot water.

Wait 3-4 hours, once the water is cooled the remaining wax will rise and set.

Scoop out the wax and discard in the bin. Remove the wick tab at the bottom of the jar.

Repeat this process if necessary, then gently wash out with warm soapy water and wipe out with paper towel.

Do not pour hot water and wax down the sink, as this will set and clog your drain. 

If you would like us to clean them for you, a fee of $1.00 per jar will apply.

Your empty Jaime Rose candle jars can be dropped off and collected from our location in Baldivis or posted back to you (postage costs apply).