Christmas Melt Bars

Christmas Melt Bars

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A festive twist on our original melts.

Melts are the perfect substitute for those that love oil burners or wax warmers but still want that intense aroma that candles deliver.

Each bar comes with 5 portions that can be snapped of like a chocolate bar. (Not for consumption)

CHRISTMAS PUDDING - Reminiscent of sumptuous desserts and fruits, such as orange and almond with cinnamon, spicy clove and hone at its heart, this warm, delicious fragrance evokes the aromas and comfort of vanilla, malt and coconut.

PUMPKIN SPICE - A creamy, spicy, warming blend of nutmeg & ginger, pumpkin & caramel and sweet buttermilk base.

MULLED WINE - Bursting with rich, warm aromas of fruit, spice and red wine, a true winter warmer for those cosy nights indoors.


Some frosting and discolouration of wax may occur due to being ex-market Christmas stock. This will not affect the use of the melt. Sale is final and can not be returned or refunded.


Simply break off one or two portions, depending on the size of your oil burner, light your tealight candle and enjoy. Or you can use an electric warmer for a flame-free convenient alternative. Your wax melt is ready to change when your fragrance has faded.